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Useful information about the airport

Here you can find useful information related to the airport and aviation. What important documents are available for you?

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First time flyer?

Required information in one place.

Everybody has flown for the first time – we’ve experienced it ourselves. We were in doubt and unsure what to expect. We put a special emphasis on your journey to be the most pleasant and enjoyable and for this reason we’ve put together information for you what to expect from entering the airport to landing.

How do you get to the airport?

Here you’ll find all the information about the land transport to and from the Pardubice airport. You can travel by public transport, taxi or car which you can park in the free car park at the airport premises.

Flight information

Current flight status, scheduled flights and information about airlines and cooperating travel agencies – here you can find all you need to know.

Airport Services

Our goal is your satisfaction therefore we continually expand our services. Before your flight, you may have your luggage wrapped so it won’t damage. While waiting for your flight, you can access to free Wi-Fi which you can use not only to business purposes but also for day-to-day tasks. Naturally, we offer refreshments and a Duty Free shop where you can do your shopping at a reduced price.


Do you need to be online on your travels? Work, surf the internet and be in touch with your friends through Wi-Fi!

Baggage limits

When checking-in before a flight, passengers also check in their baggage – the baggage allowances are set by each individual airline. Some of the baggage allowance rules are identical, so we’ve listed the most important below.

Baggage allowances

Hold and hand baggage must comply with the weigh allowance to be transported for free. The weight limit is usually 15 kg per person for checked baggage and 3-5 kg per person for hand luggage. The baggage allowances may vary for each airline therefore it is important to verify the weight limits with your flight tickets provider.

Transport of liquids and alcoholic drinks

Please, pay attention to strengthened security measures of European Union limiting the amount of liquids taken through security control in your hand luggage. Spirits (including home-made alcoholic drinks) cannot be carried on board of an aircraft in any amount.

Travel documents

During the check-in process, the validity of your travel documents and visas is controlled. Citizens of the Czech Republic can travel abroad using the following documents:
Valid passport or other travel document as amended by Act No 329/1999 Coll.
Valid identity card (ID) – can be used to EU countries, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.
For further information on travel documents, visit the websites of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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Here you will find useful information about both the airport and the flying. What important documents are here for you, for example?


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