Would you like to know how to make the airport and the facilities work without any problems? Are you interested in the way check-in works and what curiosities you can see at the airport? Accept our invitation to our tours and find out what has to be done to get a passenger comfortably into an aircraft or how aircrafts are cleared for take-off.


Choose a tour which suits you

Pardubice airport has prepared two tours:

Tour 1: departure hall – includes the individual spaces, check-in desks, security check point – cabin and checked baggage x-ray machines, leak detector LAG, walk-through metal detector.

Tour 2: ramp operations, technical facilities – presentation of technology, presentation of aviation fuel storage tanks, Airport Firefighting and Rescue Station, etc.


Where and how to order a tour?

The tours are available by prior arrangement with the airport. Minimum of 4 visitors in a group.

The fee for a group of 30 persons is in case of Tour 1. 1000 CZK, in case of Tour 2. 2000 CZK. For both Tours together the fee is 3000 CZK. If the group is bigger than 30 persons, the fee is individual.

Tour request send at our email . State required date and number of persons. After the arrangement, it is necessary to make a list of the visitors’ names, dates of birth and ID numbers.

Find out what is going on behind the scene at Pardubice airport! We are looking forward to you!

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