The new airport terminal looks forward to the first passenger


The new airport terminal looks forward to the first passenger

In mid-2016 it began, a year and a half after it was finished - on Monday, 15 January, the tape was solemnly cut and the new airport terminal of the civilian airport of Pardubice was opened.

The building association STRABAG and Chládek & Tintěra as the general contractors of the building have built a terminal, which will be named Jan Kašpar and will handle up to two large transport aircraft at the same time. The first passenger should arrive at the end of January. 

"By tapping the cornerstone, we completed the difficult negotiations of Pardubice and the Pardubice Region as two shareholders, when we managed to finance the construction of an airport terminal at an extravagant price of 256 million crowns. Being a regional metropolis, the statutory city of Pardubice, I am clearly convinced that the development of the airport in the form of a new terminal will bring a lot of positive benefits to the city and the whole region. The positive impact is already on the very good number of passengers, who after three years have grown significantly and over 88,000 last year," said Mayor Martin Charvát. "These results are clearly a promise to me for the growth of passengers in the coming years, which will be a clear proof that we have set the terminal in the right direction."

"Last year, Pardubice Airport managed to reverse the unfavorable trend of decreasing number of passengers. According to preliminary estimates, the airport for the year 2017 cleared 88,490 passengers, which is more than 180% compared to the previous year. On the positive side, apart from the Russian travel agencies that fly from Pardubice to St. Petersburg, Samara, Ekaterinburg, Ufa and Kazan, of course there is also a full-service Ryanair to London and Red Wings to Moscow," said Hana Šmejkalová, director of the civilian part of Pardubice Airport Vice-Chair of the EAST BOHEMIAN AIRPORT Management Board, which operates the airport. "We firmly believe that in 2018, thanks to the new terminal, the airport will continue to improve its transport performance and become an important pillar of the transport infrastructure of the entire Pardubice region. We are looking forward to March, when the offer of flights from Pardubice will be extended by a regular service to Alicante in Spain," added Šmejkalová.

The takeover of the building by the EBA management took place without complications and the terminal is what the airport needs - modern and efficient, with the capacity to check two aircraft at once. Before the terminal was put into operation at the end of January, it was and must be tried and tested and therefore minimized, all the conceivable and inconceivable risks of shifting traffic from the old terminal to the new - new service providers moving to new locations old duty halls, such as a duty free shop, souvenir sales, and new services such as brand new taxis and other taxis. Passengers arriving by car at the airport will have a parking area about 90 meters away from the check-in hall until the car park is completed in front of the terminal, the pavement that connects the area is finished. Regarding operational and security technologies, the Pardubice Airport Terminal is comparable to Prague Airport. 

The construction of the new check-in hall for the Pardubice Airport began just before the summer season of 2016 and, after all, it had been reduced to 267 million CZK. The construction contractor, including the access road, was the STRABAG a.s. and Chládek & Tintěra, Pardubice a.s. The financial resources for the new terminal were secured by the shareholders of the airport operator (East Bohemian Airport), the city of Pardubice, holding two thirds of the shares and the Pardubice Region as a third owner.

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