Safety – operational safety

Airport operation is very complex. Managing all possible risks requires input from a team of experts in many fields of aviation operations. For that reason, it requires Safety Management System (SMS). The expression Safety expresses the condition of being protected from risks connected with aviation activities and operation.


How does Safety work?

SMS is an active and systematic approach to questions of operational safety at Pardubice airport. Its aim is to increase safety in a systematic way. This means to identify and eliminate potential risks. Safety includes organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. To achieve this, there are used safety studies, audits, inspections and investigation of the cause of incurred incident. An analysis of each negative incident reduces the risk in the next similar situation.

In safety studies, all proposed changes in procedures and infrastructure are assessed from operational safety point of view before their implementation. An important part of SMS is staff who come into contact with operation on daily basis.

Therefore they are trained to look carefully around themselves and if they see anything which is not in compliance with policies, procedures and operational safety, they should report it to managers or send a form Voluntary Safety Report. The safety reports are voluntary and anonymous.

To identify safety risks, safety audits and inspections are performed.