Interview with the director of EBA about the current situation


Interview with the director of EBA about the current situation

How do you assess the impact of government restrictions on the future of the airport?

The current state of emergency and its restrictions have a very big impact on the international commercial air transport. Economic impact of those restrictions on our business will be enormous.

Can you calculate loss from cancelled flights?

After January and February, despite the substantial increase in transport (not only in comparison with the actual plan for 2020, but also in comparison with the same time last year) our company will show a loss. We can calculate this loss. We know our fixed monthly expenses, current profit margin and loss of direct and non-direct profit from flights. We have reduced the company operations to a minimum, we cancelled all unnecessarily marketing activities and we have accordingly balanced expenses with income. On the other hand, we are looking for other possibilities to increase our income in accordance with the current conditions. This income should improve our profits.

Which flights will not be renewed after the ease of the restrictions?

It is very difficult to make any predictions now about future flights. We are ready to renew our entire operations. It all depends on air carriers, the way they handle the situation and also on conditions we will be given.

Did the enquiries about cargo flights increased?

Definitely yes. Our airport is the second most important airport when it comes to humanitarian flights to our country. It became the air-bridge between China and Czech Republic. We help the Czech Army with the transport of medical material, but we also handle commercial flights within Europe. And because of that, the interest in, and the subconscious knowledge about Pardubice airport has increased. We have become a part of the world humanitarian aid. I have informed the Minister of Transport Mr. Havlicek that we are ready to accept and handle large cargo aircraft in Pardubice and also about the importance of proximity to the police storage facility in Opocinek.

Did you have to fire any of your employees, or change their shifts?

From day one of my position in the East Bohemian Airport I have worked on the optimization of expenses through effective use of employees. Each employee is capable of carrying out more than just one activity, and I don’t employ any people that this company could do without. Therefore, it has not been necessary to start releasing people from their duties. Let us not forget that we operate on a daily basis, and of course we have had to adjust our working hours.

What about the interest in charter flights during the summer season in comparison with last year?

If your question is aimed at summer season 2020, I don’t have the answer. But of course, as soon as the restriction eases, borders open and air carriers will receive permission to land at regional airports in Czech Republic, we will be ready to cooperate and resume all business activities.

What influence will current situation have or not have on your already started negotiations about new regular and charter flights?

Let me point out that we have been working under limited conditions since last year, when Boeing Max aircrafts were grounded. We had planned a minimum of 3 new destinations that didn’t happen because of this. So I count on the fact that we will go back to those negotiations if there are companies to deal with and a sufficient number of aircraft. Most important for us is the immediate information about the opening of borders.


Ing. Hana Smejkalova
Vice Chairman of the board


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