History of Pardubice Airport

The age of famous aviator and engineer Ing. Jan Kašpar operating in Pardubice has been gone for few decades. Since those times, airline industry has progressed and become part of our lives.

In the past, Pardubice airport was used mainly for military purposes but it changed in 1994. Have a look at what has happened since that year (main historical events timeline).



After selection procedures and joint meetings with investors, the construction of a new airport terminal has begun. The terminal is going to be opened in autumn 2017.



The number of passengers was increasing and 2013 was the busiest year which has been recorded as the airport handled over 184 000 passengers.



25th May 2012, new route from St Petersburg was introduced.


In August, the final inspection of technical facilities and fuel system was made


2008 - 2010

The departure hall and security lighting system was reconstructed.



2005 - 2006

The airport started cooperation with many travel agencies (CK FIRO, CK EXIM Tours, CK Alexandria, CK Kovotour and others).


Thanks to this, passengers could go on holiday from Pardubice to Bulgaria, Tunisia, Greece and Montenegro.

Apart from domestic travel agencies, charter flights provided by Russian travel agencies form an important part of airport operation.

In November 2006, new route from Pardubice to Moscow was launched.



The city of Pardubice became 100% owner of EBA a.s



Since the opening, the airport is mainly used by General Aviation and for charter flights.

Since 2000, the airport has been regularly used by passengers aiming for summer holidays. The airport cooperated with CK Fischer and CK Synthesia.




On 1st November 1996, the operation under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) was officially approved.



On 18. 5. 1995 the airport was officially opened for civilian traffic.



In 1993, EAST BOHEMIAN AIRPORT a.s. was established with the aim of using (in the past military) the airport in Pardubice for civilian purposes. During 1994, the airport was transformed, the facilities needed to be improved and permissions obtained.