First time flyer?
Here is the guide!

We are here to help so you would have no reason to be nervous and could fully enjoy your flight.

We’ve pulled together a guide for you in which you can find what to do from the arrival to the airport to the departure itself.

Get ready for your first flight and don’t be surprised anymore!

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First time flyer?
Here is the guide!

We are here to help so you would have no reason to be nervous and could fully enjoy your flight.

We’ve pulled together a guide for you in which you can find what to do from the arrival to the airport to the departure itself.

Get ready for your first flight and don’t be surprised anymore!

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First time flyer? We’ve got some tips for you!

Everybody has flown for the first time – we’ve experienced it ourselves. We were in doubt and unsure what to expect. We put a special emphasis on your journey to be the most pleasant and enjoyable and for this reason we’ve put together information for you what to expect from entering the airport to landing.

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What should be arranged before the flight?

  • You can buy a plane ticket through a travel agency or an airline.
  • You have to hold a valid travel document to complete the journey → more information on travel documents.
  • In some cases, a specific vaccination is necessary. 
  • There are two types of baggage – the one you take on board and the other are placed in cargo compartment → more information on baggage check-in.
  • If your travel agency is not arranging your travel insurance, take out travel insurance yourself (e.g. baggage insurance, travel insurance, travel agent liability insurance, airline liability travel insurance,…).
  • You will receive the flight information via email (including your flight reservation) or personally at the travel agency (the document covers the issue of baggage allowances, time to check in,…) – have these documents printed, they might be useful.
  • Plan your journey to the airport to have enough time → more information on transport to the airport.

Do you want to know more? Have a look at other tips before you come to the airport.

What to expect at the airport?

  • It is recommended to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to departure of your flight but if you fly for the first time, come earlier to be calm and have time to stroll around the airport terminal.
  • When you enter the departure hall, where everything is clearly labelled, check out everything in the airport hall and if you are travelling with a tour operator, you will meet your travel agent (at larger airports travel agencies have their own stand).
  • Before the flight you need to check in (at the large airports you’ll find display screens showing the gate and time of the departure) → more information on check-in 
  • To be able to board an aircraft, you need a boarding pass which you’ll receive at a check-in counter. To do this, you’ll need your ID, or if you are travelling with a low-cost airlines, you may print out your boarding pass at home after registering to online check-in (never print 2-sided but use more sheets of paper, if needed).
  • During check-in, you check your bag into hold which will be carried in the cargo compartment (after baggage check-in, you’ll receive a baggage tag, which you need to keep safe).
  • The boarding pass shows information about the departure gate, seat number, boarding and departure time.
  • As soon as you’ve checked in your baggage and received the boarding pass, you’ll pass through security check.
  • During the security check you’ll put in a provided plastic tray all metal objects you’re carrying (mobile phone, belt, jewellery, coins,…) and your hand luggage (bag, handbag, camera,…).
  • As soon as you hand over your belongings for scanning, you walk through a metal detector – if it beeps, you have to go back and check whether you forgot to remove anything, or you might be checked by a hand held security scanner by a security officer.
  • After security check, take all your belongings and go to the transit area where only passengers with a boarding pass are allowed → here you can take advantage of our airport services.
  • The next step is to go to a gate – you have a number of the gate as well as boarding time on your boarding pass (check display screens, the departure time may change).
  • When boarding an aircraft, you’ll present your travel document and boarding pass (some airlines might check the size of your hand luggage at this point – if it exceeds the size restrictions, you’ll have to pay additional charge).
  • When entering the aircraft, you’ll show the boarding pass stub to a flight attendant who will tell you where your seat is.
  • Then follow the instructions of the cabin crew.

How is it in an aircraft?

  • When all passengers are seated and stow their hand luggage, the cabin crew will check the board and inform passengers about the safety on board and after that the captain waits for approval to take off.
  • During take-off, it is advised to chew a gum or have a candy in your mouth. This may equalize the pressure (the same applies to landing).
  • As soon as the aircraft is at its cruising attitude, the flight attendants will allow you to move around the cabin, at this point they will offer you refreshments (free of charge or paid).  
  • During turbulence or landing you will have to remain seated.
  • After landing, the doors are opened and stairs or a jet bridge is attached to the aircraft to allow passengers to disembark. 

What happens after landing?

  • As soon as passengers get off the plane, they are going to arrival hall where they wait to get their checked baggage.
  • After picking up your baggage, you may leave the airport.

We wish you an enjoyable flight!

We believe that now you are not going to be worried about your first flight. Now you know what to expect at the airport. If you are still in doubts, don’t hesitate to ask! Our staff at the airport will help you.

Have a pleasant journey and enjoyable flight!
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