Checking-in at Pardubice airport

Part of every flight is check-in of passengers and their baggage when identity papers are controlled and the luggage is checked and tagged.

At Pardubice airport passengers are checked in by employees of EAST BOHEMIAN AIRPORT a.s. Check-in counters are located in the departure hall. To have smooth check-in, we recommend you to come to the airport in time.



Check-in process – step by step

When you arrive at the airport, follow the instructions of security guards who will give you information about parking if you leave your car at the airport car park. The actual check-in takes place at the check-in counters.

How long does check-in take?

Standard check-in opens usually 2 hours and closes 40 minutes before scheduled departure or according to the requirements of an airline. We recommend, especially for families with children, to come to check in right after the counters open (to have the possibility to get the right seats).


What is needed to check in?

  • Valid travel documents (identity card, passport, alternatively, other valid identity papers in accordance with requirements of transfer/transit and final destination)
  • Airline ticket (if issued by airline) 
  • Visa (essential to particular countries including connecting flights)
  • Baggage (cabin/hand luggage taken on board of an aircraft and checked/hold baggage carried in a cargo compartment; oversized and overweight baggage may be transported with a permission of the carrier).


What happens after check-in?

Keep the boarding pass which you receive at the check-in counter. It is required to board your flight. After checking-in, you will pass through security check. In case of international flight to a non-Schengen country, you will pass through passport control and customs and after that you will get to the transit airport area.

In this area you will have time before boarding the aircraft which you can pass by shopping or having some refreshment.

If in doubts there are members of staff of EBA a.s., with ID cards, to help you and answer any of your questions.