Handling charges are based on the aircraft’s MTOW ton, for each commenced ton. 

Aircraft over 2 t MTOW105 CZK / 1 t MTOW
Aircraft up to 2t MTOW150 CZK
Landing fee  
Landing fee240 CZK / 1 t MTOW
Parking charges (first 2 hours free of charge)  
Between 05.00 and 19.00 UTC14 CZK / 1 t MTOW / 1 hour
Between 19.00 and 05.00 UTC7 CZK / 1 t MTOW / 1 hour
Airport charge  
Based on each departing passenger - for departures from 1.1.2018320 CZK
Security charges  
Based on each departing passenger60 CZK
Extra charges*  
Operation outside opening hours5 000 CZK / 1 hour

- prices are without VAT

*The fee is charged if not stated differently in the contract of handling service for each commenced hour since the end of operating hours until the end of providing services.