Aviation business

Incentive program

In order to achieve sustainable development of destinations, we do everything we can to create a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership with airlines.

To encourage airlines to open new routes, Pardubice Airport offers an incentive program in the form of incentives and financial rewards.

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Marketing support

To help you successfully operate flights to and from Pardubice, we offer marketing support tailored to your needs. We will help you with the organization of promotional events, planning marketing activities and other activities.

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Service Price
Approach fee - aircraft with MTOW over 2 t105 CZK / 1 t MTOW
Approach fee - aircraft with MTOW up to 2 t flat rate150 CZK
Approach fee - training265 CZK / 1t MTOW / 1 hour
Landing fee240 CZK / 1 t MTOW
Parking between 05:00 - 19:00 UTC14 CZK / 1 t MTOW / 1 hour
Parking between 19:00 - 05:00 UTC7 CZK / 1 t MTOW / 1 hour
Airport tax320 CZK / 1 departing pax
Security fee60 CZK / 1 departing pax
Operation out of operating hours5000 CZK / 1 hour

Prices are without VAT.

General Aviation

Pardubice Airport provides the highest quality services even for demanding clients from General Aviation. We value cooperation with you and are constantly working to improve and expand our services for you.

- Complete check-in of aircraft, including anti-icing treatment
- Filling with aviation fuel (JET A1, AVGAS); loading / unloading of cargo; drinking water replenishment
- Operation of toilet systems; providing pre-flight and meteorological information (route and airport NOTAMs, etc.), receiving and sending operational information and coordinating it; preparation and provision of passenger and cargo clearance documents; transport of passengers and crew inside and outside the airport
- Priority check-in of passengers and luggage; ensuring customs and security formalities
- Rest room for crews with WiFi internet connection; reserved parking spaces located directly at the terminal; arranging hotel reservations, arranging car rental
- Provision of catering; aircraft cleaning; washing dishes


Thanks to its strategic location and facilities, Pardubice Airport offers convenient accessibility for trade and freight transport.

- Strategic location in the center of the Czech Republic and yet only 100 km from Prague.
- Excellent infrastructure - connection to the D11 motorway to Prague and a high-speed railway corridor for direct connections with Prague, Brno, Ostrava and neighboring countries such as Slovakia, Austria and Poland.
- We handle cargo aircraft of various types, including large ones such as IL-76 or AN124.
- We have adequate technical equipment and rich experience with cargo handling.
- We load and unload various types of cargo quickly and without the unnecessary delays you may encounter at large airports.
- We will provide the services of a customs declarant for export and import (must be requested when ordering).
- We will also enable the supervising of the sender's or consignee's representative directly at loading / unloading.
- We will also arrange the handling of dangerous goods (on request at least 5 working days in advance).
- No noise or emission restrictions.
- We guarantee you advantageous fees / prices.


The airport has its own fuel economy within the technical background and offers the following services:

- Pressure and gradient filling with aviation fuel - JET A1, AVGAS 100 LL
- Modern technology for fuel economy
- Experienced staff
- All fully compliant with IATA JIG

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