Air taxi Sightseeing flights

Be independent at times and regular flights and use air taxi. Depending on your requirements we can plan the most ideal possibility of flight, we will rent an aircraft and provide the crew and all necessary documents. We will prepare private charter flight for one person and also for large group.In addition to flights to Czech and foreign airports we also organize sightseeing flights around Pardubice.



Fly anywhere and anytime with Air taxi from Pardubice

Within air taxi we offer intimate transport of passengers and goods according to your plans. A private airplane or helicopter and rich in-flight catering will provide comfort, you will save a lot of time on check in and foremost you are the main person who determines the dates and destination of the flight. Within the private aviation we prepare everything and recommend also suitable aircraft. With a professional crew your journey will be comfortable and safe. Delivery of the aircraft at the airport in Pardubice is at no extra fee.

We will arrange Air taxi service for you even two hours before the scheduled departure, but we recommend to plan your journey in time so that we can do our best to meet your expectations.


Combining helicopter and airplane

Through our partner company we will arrange also combined transport by helicopter and aircraft. Traveling in the Czech Republic by helicopter is far more flexible than by the aircraft. By helicopter we can take you as close to your house or company as possible and in a very short time you can be at the airport, where your private jet will be ready to transport you quickly and comfortably over long distance.


Benefits of Air taxi

  • Time savings
  • High comfort
  • Fast and flexible
  • Independence
  • Privacy and confidentiality


Sightseeing flights from Pardubice

Are you looking for an unusual gift or experience? We recommend you to try sightseeing flights. Enjoy beautiful views in a comfortable airplane or indulge the adrenaline experience in helicopter. So many options and it's just up to you whatever you choose.


Rich aircraft fleet

We work with a certified air carrier DSA a.s., so we can ensure the selection of aircraft according to your preferences and parameters precisely according to your flight.



Více fotografií

Air taxi, sightseeing flights and flight school are operated at Pardubice airport by company DSA a.s., which guarantees high quality and safety thanks to its long years of experience. Delivery of the aircraft at the airport in Pardubice is at no extra fee.

  • Passenger transport aircraft: Cessna CJ 525 - OK-DSJ, Beechcraft C 90 - OK-DSH
  • Aircraft for sightseeing  flights: Cessna 172, Cessna 150
  • Helicopters for transportation: EC-135 - OK-DSA, AS-350B3e - OK-DSW, AS-355nm - OK-DSN-DSQ OK, EC-120 - OK-BST, Enstrom 480B EN - OK-ENS
  • Helicopter sightseeing flights respectively shooting: SCHWEIZER 300CB - OK-PIN-PIC OK, OK-PIF, OK-PIP, Enstrom 280FX OK-EFX

If you are interested in a charter flight or sightseeing flight around the neighbourhood, do not hesitate to fill in the inquiry form.


Price list

Complete price offer of flight will be carried out individually in accordance with all requirements of the client. For calculation and inquiry fill out the inquiry form below.
Pricing DSA a. s., see here.


Inquiry form


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