Pardubice Airport

About the Airport

"A place where flying has a tradition."

Pardubice is closely connected with the most famous Czech pilot and aircraft designer who became famous mainly for pioneering long-distance flights. This important personality is Ing. Jan Kašpar.

Several decades have passed since the era of flying began, but aviation has remained in Pardubice and has grown. In 1911 when Kašpar’s famous flight Pardubice – Velká Chuchle took place no one even knew that almost a hundred years later Pardubice Airport would handle over 184,000 passengers a year.

Take a look at the history of the airport and see what steps the city of Pardubice has taken to expand aviation, find out the technical parameters and mission of our airport.
Pardubice Airport has a runway measuring 2500m x 75m.

Progress of the number of passengers

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Progess of the number of cargo

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